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SpeechLive Setup Guide

Download and install the "Philips Recorder" app. The links below will take you to the app in your app store:
Scott-Law will then setup the SpeechLive account. Each user will receive an invitation from Philips.
When the email is received, each user should click on the activation link which will allow them to create a password.
Once the authors have created their password, they can go into the Philips Recorder app and enter their details.
Go to Settings > Sending Options > SpeechLive and enter your email address and password that you just created.
For transcriptionists, open a chrome web browser and navigate to:
Click login and enter your email address and password you just created.
You will now be able to create work, send it to SpeechLive and listen to it through the browser.
If you need any help at all during setup please call 01453 700999 and ask for some digital dictation help.