Changing places

Changing places

The new face of the workplace 

The modern workplace is going through considerable changes, with companies now expected to embed very high standards of social, environmental and financial responsibility – and strength – across their business practices. 

Pressure on companies to do the right thing for both people and planet stems from the huge growth in public awareness, legislation and the strong influence of those aged around 25 to 38 – the ‘millennials’. The latter in particular are pushing for and championing changes where they work as well as helping to drive increased efficiencies by being typical early adopters of productive technology. 

Ever growing in numbers, it is estimated that this age group will make up some 35% of the global workforce by next year, rising to 75% by 2025. With the oldest well into their careers, many are also now in management roles or at the helm. They want to work for companies that look after their employees, customers, the environment and society. They value collaboration, the flexibility to do their job anywhere in the workplace and remotely, and an environment that is comfortable and attractive. They are also the first generation of digital natives, making them heavy users of technology – from utilising diverse tools to embracing innovation and staying connected in and out of the office.

This new landscape has a sizeable span, stretching from staff well-being, employee engagement and community support to data protection, lowering carbon footprint and shifting to sustainable products. Going beyond traditional routes to achieve an ultimately healthier bottom line is also a key focus, with active measures ranging from adopting progressive technology to optimising office space and furniture. 

Implementing these changes and sustaining them is a considerable task, and requires full buy-in from everyone in your business as well as your suppliers.

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