Research shows that thoughtfully designed and flexible workspaces along with the right furniture are huge contributors to staff well-being, which in turn increases their productivity and efficiency. 

With greater working comfort high on the change agenda, height-adjustable desks and ergonomic task seating are getting a lot of attention. A study carried out by Loughborough and Leicester universities suggests that desks that allow employees to sit or stand can increase work performance, with staff feeling less tired, more engaged and with less back pain. Companies are also favouring correctly designed seating, as this can prevent the discomfort, fatigue and potential back problems linked to awkward posture.

Agile working is in the spotlight too. By enabling people to work at different locations throughout the office or building, they tend to stay fresher, more energised and better motivated. 

How we help

To maximise workspace efficiency and staff well-being, we provide a complete space and furniture planning service and supply furniture from a wide range of leading brands. To support agile working, this also includes breakout areas, meeting booths and soft seating as well as well-placed network points. We consult, advise and plan, produce 3D CAD designs so you can see exactly how things will look. We can carry out full installation and remove and recycle your old furniture.