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Philips SpeechScribe

Philips SpeechLive, the revolutionary cloud dictation solution has introduced a new service, Philips SpeechScribe.

Hours of time are spent every month typing all kinds of documents, Philips now offers an affordable solution to get these documents done in no time at all. Just like having your own personal assistant.

The 360° transcription service, provides finished documents in three easy steps.
1. Speak.
2. Send.
3. Done.
It is as easy as that, saves valuable time and increases efficiency. Simply dictate reports or notes on the Philips dictation recorder app for smartphones, on a Pocket Memo voice recorder or on a SpeechMike dictation microphone.

Send dictations to the SpeechLive cloud, where SpeechScribe will do all the work. Professional transcribers process all dictations promptly and priorities can be assigned to receive important dictations even faster. Once dictations are transcribed, SpeechLive automatically sends finished documents back.

Professional and trained transcribers produce extremely accurate writings, guaranteeing highest quality. SpeechScribe documents are so accurate, that on average 999 in 1000 documents are delivered flawlessly, representing one of the highest precision rates in the industry. Time spent training a speech recognition program or specialized IT knowledge is not required for the author.

SpeechLive offers maximum protected online storage, keeping files safe from unauthorized access. Thus, all data is securely uploaded and downloaded using the highly secure HTTPS protocol and a 256 bit encryption, guaranteeing a fully protected speech-to-text workflow at all times.